Arok Pets

Arok Pets
Arok Pets

Arok Pets is a pet supplies company based in Thisayanvilai, India. They offer a wide variety of pet food, toys, bowls and feeders, and pet training equipment.


We worked with Arok Pets to redesign their website. The new website is more modern and user-friendly, and it makes it easy for customers to find the products they need. We also improved the website’s SEO so that it ranks higher in Google search results.

Logo Design

We created a new logo for Arok Pets that is simple, yet eye-catching. The logo features a paw print in the shape of a heart, which represents the company’s love for animals.


We wrote all of the copy for Arok Pets’ website, including the product descriptions, blog posts, and marketing materials. The copy is clear, concise, and persuasive, and it helps to showcase the company’s products and services.


We developed a comprehensive branding package for Arok Pets, including a color palette, typography, and style guide. The branding package helps to create a consistent and cohesive look and feel for the company’s marketing materials.


We also created a contact form for Arok Pets’ website so that customers can easily get in touch with the company. The contact form is responsive and easy to use, and it helps to improve the customer experience.


Our work with Arok Pets has been a success. The new website has been well-received by customers, and it has helped to increase the company’s online visibility. The new logo is also a hit, and it has helped to improve the company’s brand identity.

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